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Whole cockpits are our speciality. We carry a range Boeing and Airbus cockpits that are available for immediate shipping. Additionally, we are pleased to source your specific aircraft model according to suit your requirements.

Over the past years, we have developed relationships with aircraft boneyards and disassemblers worldwide. We’ve sourced and shipped dozens of real airliner cockpits to flight simulator builders across Europe, The Americas and Australasia.


Currently Available:

The following cockpits are currently available for sale in our warehouse located in Mississippi, USA. Click through to view the details of inclusions and pricing.


A320 - with Flight Controls

Going the after-market instrument route? Or perhaps you have an existing sim that needs a shell? This is your chance.



A330 - Shell

Excellent value, this A330 shell would perfectly suit an existing Airbus builder, or the start of a new project.


Photo 6-2-19, 13 01 28.jpg

A320 - Fully Loaded!

For the OEM die hards! If you are fully committed to using only real instruments, panels and modules, this fully loaded A320 will save you years of hunting down parts.



B747-400 - Shell

Here is your chance to own a Boeing 747 cockpit. The Cockpit comes with everything pictured inside it.