Real Airliner Cockpits & Parts

The Jet Sim provides real airliner cockpits for flight simulator implementations and projects. Everything we sell was once part of a real aircraft. No fakes or after market clones.

Having worked over many years with aircraft boneyards and scrappers worldwide, are able to source and ship cockpits from retired Boeing and Airbus airliners at a price-point that makes sense both to professional simulator manufacturers and home cockpit builders alike.

“Nothing Feels Like Real”

The Jet Sim carries a wide range of original parts from retired Boeing, Airbus and McDonnell Douglas aircraft.  Our regularly-changing inventory includes:

  • Cockpit Instruments and Panels

  • Avionics

  • Flight Controls, Rudders and Throttles

  • Trim

  • Seats

  • Cabin sections

  • Galleys & lavatories

  • Bulkheads, window and wall liners

  • Overhead bins

Check out our eBay store regularly for the latest items.  Need something and can't find it in our store?  Use our 'Request A Part' form.